Where in RVA is Yoga/Tai Chi?

The Contest is ON!

Win a free private class for 1-3
August 13 – 24
watch video clips HERE
More details on video

Guess where in RVA you are seeing Yoga/Tai Chi.
Each day a new video will be posted, name the place in RVA each video was taped.

10 video clips, 10 locations *All clips so far is at Where in RVA is Yoga/Tai Chi.

Send entries to winyogataichi@gmail.com
By August 25, 2012.

All Levels welcome, from beginner to advanced. The class you win will be tailored to your needs. (I say this because my friend Rie, who has amazing knowledge of Yoga, Tai Chi, Franklin method, and anatomy, is inspirational teacher.)
Special Thanks to Chris Leitch for the awesome music!