The more she practices, the more fascinated Yaco becomes with the practice of Yoga.

The consequential changes that occurred with the birth of her first child led Yaco to practice yoga in 2000. Her practice started at home with a focus on physical improvement. In 2007, dramatic changes in her life brought Yaco to live in the United States where she had to learn to exist in an English-speaking environment, and where she adapted to the lifestyle of a housewife as opposed to a TV Journalist. Fortunately, Yaco found yoga to be helpful with all of these changes, her practice of yoga shifted from a physical practice to one which offered support and strength. Her new lifestyle also allowed her to begin practicing in a yoga studio which featured a Teacher Training Program. In 2008 Yaco joined a Yoga Works 200-hour Teacher Training Certification program because she was passionate about the practice and wanted to learn about yoga in depth. Yaco made it through the program successfully and became a Yoga Teacher in 2009. 


2007 Certification ‘Sogetsu’, Japanese flower arrangement technique

2009 Certification Yoga Works Teacher Training 200-hour Teacher

2010 Certification Yoga Works Teacher Training 300-hour Teacher

2011 Certification Yoga for Athletes Teacher with Sage Rountree

2011 Certification Yoga Works Teacher

2012 Zenyasa Yoga Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers 1 (Bones, Joints and Common Injuries)

2013 Zenyasa Yoga Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers 2 (Muscles, Their Actions)

2018 Certification Restorative Yoga Teacher with Jillian Pransky

2021 Certification Tai Chi for Arthritis, Fall prevention by Dr Paul Lam

2022 Certification Tai Chi Chen style 36 forms

2022 Certification Tai Chi the depth of 24 forms of Tai Chi


1989–1995 TV Setouchi, Announcer and Director, Okayama, Japan

1995-1997 Radio Tanpa, Announcer and Director, Tokyo, Japan

1999-2007 Kurashiki Cable TV, Okayama, Japan

2009 – 2020 Yoga Instructor, American Family Fitness

2012 Yoga Works Teacher Training in Osaka, Assistant Teacher Trainer and Translator

2014 Karuna Yoga Teacher Training Program, Teacher Trainer


2010 – current Yoga Instructor, Yoga Source, Richmond Virginia

2010 – current Yoga in Japanese, Japanese group local to Richmond, Virginia

2020 – current Create own online studio Wise Life, Y’s Yoga

Private lessons, classes, and workshops:

Video’s via Vimeo:

Yoga For Climber’s (part 1) Ready for Climbing:

As she began to teach yoga in English and Japanese, Yaco’s interest in yoga grew. She continued to study obtaining certifications as a RYT-500, and a Certified Yoga Works Teacher. She has acquired additional Certifications as a ‘Yoga for Athlete’s Teacher’ and a ‘Restorative Yoga Teacher’. With these credentials, and her bilingual ability, Yaco has offered yoga classes and workshops in both the United States and Japan. From her own experience Yaco has learned that yoga is beneficial on many levels, and her practice continues to expand. She now see’s yoga as a part of all aspects of her life, not just as a means to deal with the difficulties, but also as a part of all the things she enjoys such as family, cooking(eating), dancing, rock climbing, crafts, and music. Yaco is currently working on a three-part book series for Rock Climbers. You can find,Yoga for Climbers – part 1, in both English and Japanese in Amazon’s Kindle Book Store. Yaco’s motto is, ‘Life is the practice. Put love into each lesson and enjoy it.’

3 Replies to “Bio”

  1. Yaco, thank you so much for your reply and for everything! You are the best and most effective teacher of any energy practice, (and I have made the rounds of just about all of them in my search for healing over the years) in Richmond as well as New York. You have a gift, and any one who knows you will benifit and grow if they work with you. I will see you soon.
    Jennifer Blackman

  2. Yaco, a pleasure to be dancing Argentine Tango with you, gifted as you are in body awareness! And I’m sure your practice equally informs all aspects of your life. Namaste!


  3. Yaco,with your wisdom and excellent teaching style, I have become more flexible and feel so much better when keeping with my yoga routine. You are not only a wonderful instructor, but I consider you my friend. Safe travels this summer.

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