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 戦士のポーズ 2: Virabhadrasana 2

三角のポーズ: Trikonasana

体側を伸ばすポーズ: Parsvakonasana

戦士のポーズ1: Virabhadrasana 1 

脇腹、側面を伸ばすポーズ: Parsvottanasana

<Review Series>

At my regular class, I pick up different theme each week to guide mindful practice. These are the shorter summarized practice to review and remind to be helpful for your home practice. I like to use props(blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, wall and chairs etc..) to adjust your body for aligning so that you would have joyful experience through yoga.

Let’s start practice yoga with Y’s Yoga and brighten your wise life!

ROOT & REBOUND(23minutes)

HEART OPENING(20minutes)


SIDE BODY(31minutes)




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