Private Yoga

Private lesson is available!

Personally arranged sequence which access to their each demand. It leads increasing strength, flexibility, centered, balanced, physically and spiritually.  Semi-Private which is small group making with friends is also welcome! 

 Gentle; Use props to adjust their own alignment to anybody and everybody can enjoy each Asanas(poses) to receive the benefit.

Vinyasa Flow; Connect their own breath and flow pose to pose healthy way which mindful to the alignment so that can avoid the injury. It is fun and moving meditation.

 Yin; Basically seated or laying down poses keeping long period of time with relaxing muscles so that can access the ligament, tendon and fascia. Poses to enhance the range of motion in connective tissue and joints of the hips and lower back.

 Restorative; Consciously relax both body and mind in prop-supported poses to fortify your well-being.

 Core Flow; A Vinyasa practice to stabilize and integrate your abdominal, pelvic and spinal muscles.


1 hour     $70

1.5 hours  $100

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